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    Children's Book Appraisals

    Dear children's author,


    Welcome to my children's books appraisal site.


    What qualifies me to offer this service?


    I'm the author of over 80 books for children. I have taught creative writing for over twenty years and run workshops from time to time. That's just some of my writing experience.


    I am a qualified proof-reader, have worked as a freelance for a publishing company and currently tutor a proof-reading and copy-editing course run by a writing college.


    "Thank you so much for this amazing critique ..."

    "... amazing insights that I never knew ..."

    " ...thanks for sharing your knowledge ..."


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  • My Appraisal & Proof-reading Services

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    You have written a children's book! That, in itself, is a great achievement.


    My job is to help you along the road to publication, whether it be traditional or self-publishing.



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    What I will do

    I will include notes and comments within the text as well as a detailed report of 6-8 pages on:

    • Presentation and format
    • Writing style
    • Voice and point of view
    • Plot development
    • Characterization
    • Dialogue
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Grammar, punctuation and spelling


    I will also proof-read and copy-edit your work as part of the service. This is usually priced separately.


    Turnaround time is approximately 2 -3 weeks depending on the length and my commitments.


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    picture book text or story up to 4000 words .........................£45

    Up to 10,000 words ........£70

    Up to 15,000 words ........£90

    Up to 20,000 words ......£110

    Up to 30,000 words .... £150

    Up to 40,000 words .....£180

    Up to 50,000 words .....£200  


    £5 for each additional 1000 words


    Follow-up appraisals 30% discount


    Payment by PayPal or bank transfer (contact me for details)


    All manuscripts should be emailed in Word format.

    The author's copyright will be respected.



  • Fulfill your dream of writing a children's book


    A Step-by-Step course that will guide you from your idea to the finished book

    10-week course - at your own pace

    Includes an in-depth appraisal of 2000 words of your writing

    Only £25


    Guaranteed completion of your story

      "I am learning heaps and writing all the time. It is such a huge help. Thank you so much."

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